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Space Productivity And Cost Evaluation (SPACE) Consortium
Space Productivity
And Cost Evaluation
(SPACE) Consortium

Welcome to the UofL SPACE Database

The Space Productivity And Cost Evaluation (SPACE) Consortium is a national consortium of universities interested in sharing knowledge and information related to the use of academic facilities.

Academic leaders are increasingly aware of the importance of optimizing the use of their academic facilities to conduct their multiple missions. This is particularly apparent with research facilities that have not increased in proportion to the amount of complexity of research awarded to investigators. Reliable quantitative and comparative information is currently not available for department chairs, deans, and board members to assess effective space utilization, to review department space requests, and to make commitments for constructing new facilities.

    The SPACE Consortium is established to assist academic, finance, and research officers in improving planning and decision-making utilizing multi-institutional data to:
  • Assess discipline-specific allocation and utilization of facilities through common approaches.
  • Share tools useful in managing institutional databases and reporting comparative information.
  • Consolidate information on current practices regarding the review and management of academic facilities.

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