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University of Louisville - Belknap Campus: KERSEY LIBRARY (28)

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History: Year of Construction: 1946
Square Footage: 33482
Primary Use: Instruction, Support Services
Description: In 1983, the decision was made to merge the Natural Sciences Library with the Engineering Library. The combined library would be housed in the Kersey Library Building, which required renovation to accommodate the natural sciences collection. The Kersey Library building was constructed in 1947 as the Institute of Industrial Research at the engineering school. The Institute closed in 1972 and in 1979 the building was renovated to house the engineering library. A new wing was added to the back of the building in 1989, at which time the old wing was renovated, resulting in the present layout.

As of July 2006, the Kersey Library holdings have been relocated to the main university library. The building will be used by the Speed School for computer instruction and technology support.