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University of Louisville - Belknap Campus: THE PLAYHOUSE (11)

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Building Name: THE PLAYHOUSE
History: Year of Construction: 1980
Square Footage: 22081
Primary Use: Support Services
Description: Built in 1874, the current Playhouse originally served as a small, interdenominational chapel for a local orphanage. In 1923, the University of Louisville acquired the land on which the chapel stood, converted the structure into a theatre. In 1977, the Playhouse was dismantled to make room for the construction of the William F. Ekstrom Library and Learning Resources Center. Rebuilt in 1980 on the traffic island between 2nd and 3rd streets at Cardinal Ave., the Playhouse was expanded to include a basement and full-working scene shop. it is also the location of the offices of the Technical Director and Scene Shop Foreman.